What To Look For In A Website Developer

What should you look for when choosing a website designer and developer? Often times, those looking for such a designer go with the firm that charges the least. Ask yourself these questions:

· Does you developer have a firm business background? Why is this important when you want a website? Simply put, a designer that can write content is far superior to one that just writes code.

· Will your designer use a template or write a custom site for you? You do not want a website that pales compared to your competition.

· Does your designer study your competition to ensure your site exceeds those already published?

· Does your designer study what and who ranks on Google, Bing, and other search engines? A website is worthless unless you can be found in organic searches.

· Does your designer offer custom fonts and color palettes? Again, you want to set yourself in a superior position.

· Does your designer use professional imagery and videos?

· Does your designer listen to what you want and deliver?

· Do you have the opportunity for design reviews?

When you hire a website designer and developer, make certain they will “go the extra mile” rather than bang out a canned website.

Fairhope Website Creations guarantees all the above and more. Ask for an analysis of your requirements and a detailed quote that states all their deliverables.

Finally, our prices are quite competitive. We rely on our reputation and happy customers!

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