Why should I purchase a website?

Updated: Jan 7

Why should you purchase a website? For one thing, it is a relatively inexpensive way to advertise.

A well-done website and effective SEO (a very effective search algorithm) will increase your sales! Of course, you would like additional business. Who doesn’t? How does a website increase my sales and visibility on the internet? Once a customer opens your website, they will see a very organized presentation of your products and/or services. Your presentation will be equally effective no matter who visits your website each and every time. Whether it be 6am or midnight, your message is perfection.

You may say, “I don’t need a website because I use Facebook and Instagram.”. No Facebook page or Instagram post will sell your products as well as a website. You can link all three together and have a seamless presence on the web. How does that work? On your website, you can have social account icons that are clicked on and take you to your Facebook page. If you are a restaurant, you can post your daily specials on your Facebook page. In your social accounts, you will have links (a connection) to your website. The bottom line, you will have an elegant presentation of your products and services.

You may say, “I cannot afford a website”. Let’s say your website is delivered

to you with the total cost for the year at $399.00. Where else can you get such effective, targeted advertising? For a personalized quote, contact me. Let's discuss your individual needs and my range of possible solutions. You will then receive your personalized quote to include design, development, SEO, hosting, your domain, and handoff support - all at a single fee.

What about website maintenance? This will be addressed in your contract. I provide free maintenance for a specified period of time. Beyond that, I will service your needs at the rate of $35.00 an hour. I believe in transparent pricing; therefore, you will never encounter surprise fees.

Convinced? Let’s talk; or better yet, allow me to schedule a Zoom consultation to discuss new your website.

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