Websites 101

Updated: Jan 7

To some people website talk is gibberish. Let's start from the beginning!

A #domain is the name of a website. It will have the form of:

Its #URL takes the form of:

The #hosting is where the website resides. It is paid for one or more years and can thought of as "rent".

A website’s #design is the beginning of the development process. It can be thought of as a blueprint. It is structed much like a book:

· Title – #Domain

· #Menu or Navigation Bar – Table of contents

· Chapters – Listing of the page(s)

· Sections – Paragraph

Throughout can be images; unlike a book, a website can contain videos, and or audio.

The design of a website begins with the structure of “the book”; to include page transitions and designing a flow that is pleasing to the senses. Your purpose, personality, and style are all considered. When the design is complete the development begins.

The development may be done by a separate individual or the person that created the design. In this case, it is me who does the development. The development is created in an editor. It consists of code and/or templates. In my case it is a combination of both code and templates.

Once the development evolves into a website, the website is thoroughly tested and edited for desktop, laptop, notebook, and mobile presentation.

All of the above results in a website that rocks!

Finally comes the subject of #SEO (search engine optimization). It is a complicated subject, but in its most simplistic terms it helps search engines like Google place you higher it the search order.

Thoughts or questions are welcome!

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